Hope For The Hills

Eastern Kentucky Flood Disaster Relief

An afternoon of

Music, Art

Food and Fun!

Join us on Saturday, August 27th From 1:00 to 4:00 pm

An Afternoon of Music, Food and Fun!

HOPE FOR THE HILLS is an independent, volunteer-driven music, arts and food event to raise money for relief for eastern Kentucky flood victims.

Our goal is to raise $20,000, sell 200-250 tickets, raise awareness of the vast need for continued support, and provide inspiration and information about how to offer more support.

We believe that this time of unexpected and severe weather can affect any of us at any time, and this is our opportunity to help our neighbors to the south cope with the worst flood disaster ever recorded there.

We know how generous Greater Cincinnatians are, and we know you want to help, too.



August 27th, 2022

1:00 to 4:00 pm


Knox joseph Distillery

at OTR Stillhouse

2017 Branch St, Cincinnati, OH  45214

Special Thanks to our Tier I  Sponsor. 

We can always use more.


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By Light We Loom headlines our afternoon. You may have seen them in Cincinnati at Bunbury or MidPoint Music Festival, but the 2019 Top Indie Band in Cleveland hasn’t played Cincinnati since the pandemic -until NOW! Their original tunes and unique sound are energetic and fun. Bring your dancing shoes!

Steve Saunders (stevesaundersmusic.com) is a singer-songwriter now living in Cincinnati and performing regionally in house concerts and listening rooms. He cut his teeth singing and playing where he grew up in Eastern Kentucky and telling the entertaining stories behind his songs are hallmarks of his shows. Come prepared for a little singing along!

Dan VanVechten (https://danvanvechtenmusic.com/home) and friends play toe-tapping bluegrass and folk originals and covers that are sure to please- and remind us of the rich Appalachian culture that has influenced genres from country to pop to rock and blues.  


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Trace Deaton grew up in Northern Kentucky and currently lives in Georgetown, but tracks his family roots to Eastern Kentucky.  He is an award-winning photographer and artist who has an eye for extraordinary images found in everyday life. Trace works in a variety of media, including photography, abstract painting, digital art and amination, and video. He is also a talented guitarist and music video producer! Trace has prepared a collection of his art to sell at this event, with 100% of the proceeds to benefit our relief effort.

A world renowned Smithsonian Institution exhibitor, Felix Eboigbe was primarily influenced by the 1960s. The universal impact of the 1960s was truly astonishing across the globe. Representative of a time inspiring both hope and anger, the 1960s prompted an explosion of new ideologies and movements, truly sensational and spectacular. Historically set in the context of the Cold War, which would have a highly powerful impact worldwide, largely defined by the Iron Curtain separating Europe both physically and spiritually, and drastically marked by the erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961. The 1960s re-defined all pre-existing expectations on gender, race and justice, questioned education as well as morality and selfhood  

"Felix is my neighbor and friend.  When he heard of the troubles in Eastern Kentucky, he called me to pick up signed and numbered prints to help people he has never met.  Need I say more?"

Steve Saunders

Donna is a phenomenal photographer in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Like so many others that have offered their talents, I’m just going to let you see for yourself what a wonderful photographer she is.

Just click the link.

Malcolm J. Wilson of Blackey, KY is a passionate Appalachian who has made it his life’s work to capture the volumes that can be written in a smile, and the images that can be painted from the palette of a tall tale. By day, the seasoned photographer, web designer, marketer and educator helps the region’s premier businesses expand their marketing reach through well-developed marketing and advertising campaigns. After-hours and on weekends, he dons his camera holster and recorder and sets out for points unknown to gather the honest and compelling stories that are helping to shatter the generations-old stereotypes of Appalachian people and culture.  

He documented the powerful first days of the devastation and his first-hand photos will be running on screens throughout the venue.

Pam Oldfield Meade of Morgan County, Ky has been a working artist for nearly 30 years. Color, shape and texture play an integral role in her painting and mixed media works which are informed by tradition. Many of her pieces are created with a palette of recycled and repurposed materials. “Tissue paper is one of my favorite art materials. Before it dries it can be moved around on the canvas creating subtle lines and shapes that will grab color from the brush when paint is added.”

Al Lang has been a visual story teller for over thirty five years. As an award winning artist and innovator, he was one of the first photographers in Cincinnati to make the switch from film to digital photography. 

Now we are blessed to have his Candle GEAR.  His line of candle holders made from gears.

Eat & Drink

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Admission includes food prepared by LaSoupe and two tickets for OTR Stillhouse wine or beer. Keep an eye onour social media posts for surprise additions.  LaSoupe (https://www.lasoupe.org) is an award-winning food rescue kitchen with a chef-based model that utilizes a volunteer network to rescue perishables from farms, grocers and wholesalers. Their highly talented team of chefs and volunteers transform this food into healthy soupes and meals. Founder Suzy DeYoung, an award-winning chef herself, and members of her team have delivered over 3000 lbs of food to CANE (Community Agricultural Nutritional Enterprises, Inc) Kitchen (https://www.cane-kitchen.com/) in Whitesburg, KY and worked with their staff and volunteers to feed hundreds of families affected by the flood. CANE Kitchen is dedicated to small farm sustainable agriculture and healthy foods. Unfortunately, due to likely floodwater contamination of fields, no produce from this year’s crop will be usable. We are pleased that a portion of the proceeds from this event will support CANE’s work and grateful to LaSoupe for their work here – and in Eastern Kentucky.

OTR Stillhouse

OTR Stillhouse (https://otrstillhouse.com/), one of the first distilleries to open in Cincinnati since Prohibition, is a rare combination public house, entertainment venue and an award-winning distillery, painstakingly crafting clean gin, spicy whiskey, and smooth bourbon. As a certified winery and small craft brewery, their house-made selections bring unrivaled choices for an experience unlike any other, anywhere. Founder Michele Hobbs, a native of Letcher County, KY, is a brave visionary who converted the 1891 Standard Ice Manufacturing facility and its access to a clean, clear aquifer into a unique craft manufacturer and the largest indoor/outdoor venue in Cincinnati. Since the flood, Michele has secured hundreds of grills and charcoal briquets for her neighbors back home.  The Stillhouse is donating use of the venue and more to create more “Hope for the Hills.”

Buttery goodness, savory treats and delicious sweets

provided by our friends!

Meet Your Hosts

Peg Moertl & Steve Saunders

Steve from Paintsville, KY

Johnson County

Michele Hobbs

Owner of OTR Stillhouse

 Blackey, KY Letcher County

Suzy DeYoung

Chef founder of LeSoupe

Cincinnati, OH

While we are thankful for all of you who bought tickets, donated cash, goods and services, volunteered and just plain showed up, we are especially grateful to

The Flood Recovery Heroes

$1000 level

Patty Hord

Jeanne Schroer and Michael Dinn

Peg Moertl and Steve Saunders

The Neighbors Of Eastern Kentucky

$500 level

Michelle DeNoma

Maureen Tierney

Connie & Don Roesch

Jane Dyar and Steve Wuesthoff


Where will your money go?

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Foundation For Appalachian Kentucky

 We know that these people are boots on the ground, helping the people that they live with.  Feel free to check them out yourself.  They have a very organized 501(c)(3) and know who is actually receving your kind donations.

Click here for any question you may have.

CANE (Community Agricultural Nutritional Enterprises, Inc.)

is a 9,000 square foot commercial kitchen at the former Whitesburg High School building available for rent to farmers, entrepreneurs, commercial usage, and as an event venue. CANE was established to provide new markets and increase the agricultural footprint in Letcher County and surrounding communities.  The commercial kitchen enterprise is an effort to establish a permanent outlet for local farm products as well as space for farmers, entrepreneur, and commercial usage. By providing farmers a way to process their leftover produce from the day’s market, CANE allows farmers to take the necessary risks involved with scaling up Eastern Kentucky’s food system that can meet both local, and eventually, regional demand for fresh, healthy, Appalachian-grown food. CANE supports the incubation of local entrepreneurship and new businesses while supporting healthy food for low-income families. Since the flood, CANE staff and volunteers (with friends like LaSoupe) have provided flood-ravaged families with free hot-cooked meals they may not get anywhere else. Due to flood contamination, participating farmers crops will be unusable this season.


The Venue

Knox Joseph Distillery at the OTR StillHouse

2017 Branch St. Cincinnati, OH 45214

Phone: (513) 421-7800

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